Young World Life

Artistry is a self rewarding effort given to those who strive for it. Being an artist in Miami is a challenging place to establish yourself. When I met Kidd Wes he showcased to me a relentless ambition to execute his passion. We are all in the pursuit of what we want, the way we want it. What is time really? You can feel his artistry with his beats to his lyrics and when I plug in his music in my ears I feel his passion though the speakers. Below is his BIO recommend giving him a listen too.

An emcee that calls the film, “Pursuit of Happyness” his life story, Kidd Wes  released his debut album, “Young World.” Based out of Miami but with stints in Houston and Detroit, his musical influences is evident when you listen to his music. In his music, the emcee is not trying to invent a new genre but rather, doing what everyone does better.


Click the link below for the direct link to the artists Social Media:
SnapChat: @youngworldlife

XYZA Vibes


I can’t express enough to you the vibes that come through my speakers in my photoshoots. I remember the first shoot with their sounds, still impactful to this day. You gotta hear these incredible Miami artists! Style that really transcends the ears of the common! I love playing music in my shoots and kinda filling in as a temporary DJ. Music is such a vital role in connecting with models, subjects, and myself. The way that they collaborate is incredible they also have their own unique sound. Don’t overlook this Collective! enjoy the sounds I provide a links below where you can check them out too!


With a collection of music produced by local Miami, FL artists, “.wav1 compilation” showcases a handful of the various sounds from our up-and-coming city. A wave of new music has been hitting Miami like a tsunami, and XYZA’s “.wav1 compilation” is here to keep pushing the developing music culture on the residents.

We wanted something to represent all the bedroom producers of the 305, and though there are less artists featured on “.wav1 compilation” than there are in all of Miami, FL (and beyond), this will be the project that will CONTINUE to collectively voice the underground sound of the 305.

We hope you all enjoy “.wav1 compilation” and all the music from the artists involved. Thank you to everyone who has been a part of making this happen, supporting local producers, coming out to shows, downloading and sharing our music.


Artists: @thegammabot // @pazmal // @telescopethieves // @secondnature // @phantasman // @lautlosmusic // @tidurmusic // @palmdays // @kaixen