Do you celebrate the things you do have?

Words By Jonan

The celebration of what one has whether be it internal or material is something that is integral. When we celebrate the things we have earned, we are allowed to truly enjoy them. Celebration yields true reward. One must not however get comfortable, just as we received all that we have, we must trek onward and continue to strive for more excellence. Ambition will drive success and with it, a true celebration can begin.

Make-up Artist: ThinkJennMakeup

Model 1: Corvin

Model 2: Rene


Why Dream.

Topic: Why do we dream?

Words By Jonan

When we dream, I believe our minds are working and deciphering the events that occurred. We dream when something is significant, we dream when we crave someone or something. Whether be it constructive or harmful, dreams are used as creative outlets where the mind organizes itself. The beauty within a dream is that it is individual, it’s within. A dream isn’t jaded, altered, or manipulated, a dream is.

Model IG: Rodneyy

Zephir Zeal RK II

Topic: When is it time to stop calculating risk and rewards, and just do what you know (feel or intuition) is right?

Words By Jonan:

The older I have become, the more I realize what truly matters. Wealth and material belongings are what society utilizes to perpetuate the ideas of “success”. From my perspective, success is characterized by the amount of time and wisdom you have. When I am older, what will truly matter is whether I used my time to accelerate my thinking, my wisdom, and how I made a difference to those around me. The innovators used their wisdom to change the world, what will you do to make a change?

Model/Artist: Rodney

Justin Jacket

Topic: When is it ok, if ever, to disobey the law?

Words by Jonan

From my perspective, I have done many things worth remembering. The idea that I have
done something worth remembering for extensive periods of time is something I have
not achieved quite yet. I live my life to serve others and to radiate positivity. Thankfully,
I have been able to do over the last few years and surmount many obstacles within
myself that once hindered me from reaching my goals. I aspire to one day reflect
positivity so much so that I can allow those encountering the same internal and external
issues I once battled the proper tools to overcome whatever it is they are facing. The
simple notion of whether I have done something worth remembering is simple, now the
real goal is to do something that others will remember me for.

Model: Justin


Kolor II

Topic:Why do we punish people?

Words by Jonan

The notion of punishment stems from the idea that a rule or law is broken or disobeyed. A law is characterized as a format or guideline we follow in order to work cohesively as a society. The foundation of all life is dictated by a set rule of law, if one follows the set rules outlined in the law, one can be successful in society. Those who are punished are those who blatantly disregard now, they are deemed as “dangerous”. We live in a world where those who are dangerous are contained and therefore punished. The law is sometimes meant to be broken with reason, for with all danger, innovation quickly follows. The norms are broken and with it, what was once deemed dangerous or weird can pave the way for societal growth. Law can be broken and adapted with reason.

Model/Artist IG: @kendrickkolor