Gaby Gild

Topic: What is time?

Words By Jonan

Time is utilized as an effective way in which we organize life. The ideas of what time truly is up to the perception of whomever prompts the idea “what is time” in actuality, time can be manipulated and warped. There is no real understanding of what time is, it is simply a mode in which we organize the events and happenings within life. Time prevents chaos and allows us to feel centered in an otherwise expanding world. We use time as an asset to keep ourselves balanced.

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Karol Knit

Topic: Is life meaningless if we can live forever?

Words By Jonan

Life is the most meaningful experience that one could have. To live forever would be a blessing and a burden. The notions of life promote the ideas that we live, we die, and through it we experience life. To live forever would skew those ideas and one who could live forever would not be living they would be simply existing.

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Topic: Should we fear death?

Words by Jonan

The existential questions of death and life are ones that we continually face. Death is known as the absence of all life, and life is the absence of death. Both coexisting with one another in perfect unity. Without death, we cannot live. The simple notion of whether or not you fear death is to challenge the idea whether you fear the unexpected. Fear comes from the unexpected and death follows suit.

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Language of a Photo

Topic: Do we think in Language or in Pictures?

Words By Jonan

From my perspective, the thought process is an intricate combination of both language and images. The mind uses language to decipher the images that play across your mind. Each working with one another cohesively to fuel the engine and ever expanding mind of an individual. The real question I pose to you is this: what kind of gas are you using to fuel your engine? What are you feeding your mind?

Jay Sun

What is a person? Is it the mind, or the body?

Words by Jonan

A person is a collection of both mind and body. Both working in unison with one another. The mind dictates the body and when both are effectively utilized, we can reach self awareness. We are a world in need of individuals who can use both their minds and bodies cohesively. By doing so, we can ameliorate the societal warring that has ensued. Essentially, without the mind and body working together, we cannot strengthen ourselves.

Evanescence of Art

What is art?

Words by Jonan

Art is a creative platform by which we convey our inner emotions and ideas. Art from my perspective, is the final frontier of human expression. Art is free from governmental scrutiny, art is free from the shackles of society, art is pure in its essence.¬†Evanescence comes from the Latin evanescere meaning “disappear, vanish.” Something that possesses qualities of evanescence, has a quality of disappearing or vanishing.


What is friendship and why do we need it?

Words by Jonan

Friendship is an integral component of mankind. Friendship allows one to explore themselves through another. We utilize friendships to strengthen ourselves internally. When we establish a relationship with another, whether be it spiritual, mental, or intellectual, cohesive thinking is created. Through cohesive thought in accordance with one another, we create innovation.