Jonan Joint

Words by Jonan

I feel as though life is an array of events that is often times defined by our perception of what is going on. Every moment that we live, we grow. The simple question of “What is life to you?” is not easily defined. Everyone has their own personal philosophies and ideas that answer what life is to them, and that is what is staggering to me. The ample diversity within the world, within the realm that we call “life”, the successes, and the moments that we endure all play into what life truly is. Everything that occurs to me, I use it as a lesson and as a way to reflect and better myself throughout my endeavors. Life is sporadic, life is fleeting, and life is an asset that many of us squander.


The Multitude of what this artist goes through is captivating. I wanted to reflect his abimition with my art. Collaboration place an importance as a photographer such as myself. Keeping an open mind to what the individual wants and how we can flow to do something greater is an exciting element. I can’t to hear more of your music! I can’t wait to see what you grow into!!

IG: @KendrickKolor

Art in the Library

This is a splash palette of African inspired Art and latin inspired Art. I carefully wanted to present these pieces. Karol is a wonderful stylist and fashionista. She has charm and flexibility to experiment ideas or emotions that curate story telling. Since I’m part hispanic I feel the ability to be flexible and charming could contribute to my hard work.

Justin exposes my down to earth mentality perseverance. Style is embedded into both of them but with sculptures as the idea. It brings me back to fresh prince when stone carvings that are refined have such raw emotions.

Models IG: @iamfasholica // @notnotjustin

I feel both really express my concept very well What do you think?