Graceful & Grateful

Hello again, being able to put myself in situations that can help contribute to others careers and portfolio is amazing. Seeing the bigger picture is incredible no pun intended. Constantly feeding my wolf and growing my brand. It’s important that you elevate everyday without overdoing it on your mind and body. I hope you have enjoy  the photos and video from this session. Expanding my craft in other areas I can’t wait to show you the additional work!

Model: Giselle

Instagram: G_Sehh

Summer Time II

This is a shout to my brother Richard (RichArt)  Talleyrand. He is been in the game putting in his hours. I wanted to say thank you for all the opportunities and outlooks on life. This is incredible to see into situations and perspectives that help build your mindset. A wonderful individual, these are some of his photos that he has shoot during Paradise Challenge in part with my photos of my male model on south beach. I work hard for what I put into with a business mindset. he has helped prepare me better for 2-5-10 year plan. Bridges burn, you live and learn, work smarter to make more than what you originally earn. Enjoy the photos.